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The question is often asked, why dont we just have a universal health system. Where the government pay all expenses and funding such an operation would just come out of our taxes?

There isn’t many voices that answer this question, despite it being an important one. I feel that it is overlooked and sometimes even neglected. What I would like to say is that it shouldn’t be, it is a vital part of a function democratic society and it should be addressed. If not for the adults, we owe it to our children. What will we say when they grow up and ask where is the health system.

WE need to take a hard look at ourselves and determine what is important and put all other things aside.

Those who are parents know quite well how important this debate is. At the think baby conference is was brought up and no one had answer this to crucial question.

Whatever the decision is, we will look at top small cribs and try to workout where did we go wrong in this. Children and particularly babies need these services and they need them urgently. We will look back and see that we have create injustices and need to correct these at some point in time.

Now is the time to look deeper into this and let parents care for their babies with small space mini cribs. This will be a decision only for the parents to make.

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